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Money & Paperwork

Making the right decision

Moving into a care facility is a big decision and it is very important to have as much information as possible to help with this. Our General Manager, is available to discuss the various options available within Hazeldene House and to assist prospective residents to decide whether it might be the right place for them. In the first instance, this usually involves a visit to the home to see the care suites and the nursing home at first hand.

Following this, we would be pleased to visit the prospective resident in their home or in hospital and then to produce a written proposal as to how the resident’s needs could be met in Hazeldene House. This is without obligation and provides the resident with the fullest possible range of information on which to make a decision.

If the client decides to move into the nursing home or a care suite, then we will co-ordinate all the arrangements to enable a stress free move into their new home.


Care Suites Residents' Charges

Our charges for a variety of residents' circumstances are outlined in the document below. Please let us know if you particlar situation is not covered. All charges need to be paid using the following Direct Debit Mandate.

Download Care Suites Residents' Charges (pdf)

Download Direct Debit Mandate (pdf)

Care Suites Funding from Statutory Benefits and Kent Adult Social Services

Residents who are cannot afford to pay their own fees may use their Statutory Benefits and Direct Payments from Kent Adult Social Services (subject to an assessment of their needs) to cover the charges.

Overdue Accounts

If accounts are not paid within each month in accordance with the agreed terms, action is taken in line with the following letters:

7th of the following month:

Statement of Arrears (PDF)

14th of the following month:

Seven day warning letter (PDF)

21st of the following month:

Notification of Legal Action - Nursing Home Agreements (PDF)

Notification of Legal Action - Tenancy Agreements (PDF)

28th of the following month:

Solicitor's Notice to Leave - Nursing Home Agreements (PDF)

Solicitor's Notice to Leave - Tenancy Agreements (PDF)

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